Star Trek Next Generation Bendyfigs - Captain Picard

Star Trek Next Generation Bendyfigs – Captain Picard

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Jean-Luc Picard fra Star Trek Next Generation som Bendyfig fra Noble Collection.

The Noble Collection is very pleased to continue our partnership with CBS Studios Inc, by offering four characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, the fan favourite series that ran seven seasons from 1987 to 1994 and four feature films.

Each figure comes with a stand emblazoned with the StarFleet delta logo and each has an accessory. Capt. Picard comes with a Phaser, Lt. Cmdr. Data with a TriCorder, Lt Worf with a Bat’leth and Counselor Troi with a data pad. Each stands approximately 19cms/7.5inches in height.

The four colour blister pack cards allow our Bendyfigs™ to be displayed from a Euro hook or free standing on a shelf.

PLAY & DISPLAY! These authentic, intricate figures from your favourite brands come in a unique and flexible form factor. Proudly display each character with the included stand. Bendyfigs™ are fun for kids and a detailed collectable for fans of all ages – they’re Toyllectible™!

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